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Shoden Academy hosted their first graduation ceremony on 11 June 2009. "We are so delighted with our very first 4 graduates, who have emerged from an intensive work bridging and advancement programme as real winners in the I.T. world" said Pauli Taylor the manager of the Shoden Academy. It is a tough and demanding programme designed to transition talented previously disadvantaged young people from the student world to the world of work delivery and service excellence.

Shoden Academy is a training and development organisation that was established in the ICT sector in February 2007. The Academy's aim is to provide accelerated development opportunities and all rounded work place readiness so that when corporate South Africa employs the Shoden Academy graduates, they will be equipped with vital skills and can be expected to soon be at the top of their game. The learning methods used are multidisciplinary, utilising collaboration and cooperation.

Any highly motivated, talented graduate eager to learn and wishing to be part of a skills development and training programme with a view to specialisation within the information and communication technology environment should apply to be sponsored via the Shoden Academy website. Whether graduating with a computing degree or seeking a career in the IT sector, or nervous about entering the job market for the first time, Shoden Academy can help learners kick-start your careers.

The Academy is managed as an independent company and was sponsored by Shoden Data Systems as a broad based black economic empowerment initiative. As a testament to the success of the programme, all 4 graduates were offered and accepted employment at Shoden Data Systems after graduating from the Academy

The evening was a great success with the emphasis on the value of education for the future prosperity of a society. Investing in education is investing in the future!

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