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Shoden Academy
Shoden Academy is a niche IT training company specialising in Storage, Systems Development and Foundations training and the practical application of these skills.
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Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority

The Shoden Academy (Pty) Ltd. idea was developed around the urgent need for promoting skills and experience in IT amongst previously disadvantaged people. We all subscribe to the future being more balanced in terms of race and gender representation at all levels in the workforce on merit .Since 2007, the Shoden Academy (Pty) Ltd. has provided a solid, experiential, all-rounded workplace-readiness training programme and career boost for talented black IT graduates! We train with practical workplace and provide formal accelerated technical, business, management and entrepreneurial training and education. We then assist our graduates to identify skilled black professional placements or business opportunities in IT

We have now also developed into a niche IT training company specialising in IT training in the open market and the practical application of skills learned.

The selected IT courses are for corporate organizations who wish to equip their staff with the expertise and vital skills to be at the cutting edge of the industry.

The subjects range from generalised workplace and introductions into IT right through to advanced technical courses which deal with operating systems, software languages and top end specialised Hitachi Data Systems Administrator courses.

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News & Updates

Fast-tracking IT Graduates for the Workplace

Providing an opportunity to graduates to gain the skills and confidence to build a rewarding career in the IT sector has proved hugely rewarding for Shoden Data Systems. - Chana Viljoen (www.brainstormmag.co.za)

Shoden Academy Graduation Ceremony

Shoden Academy hosted their first graduation ceremony on 11 June 2009. "We are so delighted with our very first 4 graduates, who have emerged from an intensive work bridging and advancement programme as real winners in the I.T. world" said Pauli Taylor the manager of the Shoden Academy.

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